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Central Football
Instructor: Brick Cegelski   
This is the Central High School Football Team Website
Team Announcements
Great two a days and Tough Loss to Sheridan
Way to work hard through the two a days. We saw some good things and have a lot of room for growth.
Sheridan was a great learning experience. The worst part was the loss 33-28. We need to believe we can win any game. Have faith in your own abilities and the teams and we will go far.

Next up South need to improve.
Summer Happenings TURF, TURF, TURF

Here is some information for you and your family about the upcoming summer.

June 4th we begin our weight room and conditioning program. It starts at 7:30am sharp and runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We expect all our athletes in here. It is a great strength and team building time.

July 9th, 10th and 11th we will have our football camp. This camp has been great for us in the past, and it gives us a chance to see some players. Three other teams have committed to join us. The camp will run from 9am until noon each day. The cost is $50 payable to Central Football. You will need a COMPLETED PHYSICAL dated after June 1, 2012 to participate in our camp and chs fall football. Gear will be passed out during summer weights and all pertinent information will be posted in the weight room.

The University of Wyoming is putting on a one day camp on June 6th either on our new field or McCormick's field. The camp will run from 8am until 3pm. This will be a great opportunity for you to drill with college coaches. The camp costs $55. You can register online at coachchristensen.com.

Practice for our football team starts August 6, 2012. Lets get ourselves back to the State Title game!! Oh ya, I forgot to mention we are getting TURF!!!! No more playing on mud or whatever it was :).

Make your summer plans.

Mental Toughness!!!

Coach Cegelski
Sunday Throwing Ends
There will be no more Sunday Throwing. We will continue this during the week after weights and conditioning on Thursday so bring your cleats.
Coach C
Sunday Throwing
We have started throwing on Sunday's. Micah and David are the guys to contact as to what time. Everyone is welcome.

Shrine Bowl
Congratulations go out to Kyler Robinson and Matt Carver for being selected to the South Team All-Star Shrine Bowl. Also, congrats go out to Josh Braunschweig and Matt Munoz for being selected as alternates.

You guys will have a great time. Have fun playing with some of the best kids in Wyoming.
Tough Playoff Loss on the Road
The road was not very kind to us this year. Not only traveling but key injuries really hurt our teams chances. I want to thank all of the seniors once again, and to all the underclassmen I would like to say to continue to work hard and not only want to win but expect to win. Playing at HOME during the playoffs is a good thing! You have to WIN to be able to get this done...

Coach C

Nice Senior Night
Great Win vs KW :)

The coaching staff would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for your committment and dedication to the Central High School football program. We enjoyed working with you. We had a lot of good times and tough times together, and we hope that in these times, some valuable lessons were learned to carry you through life. Life is a competition and the ones who can compete are the ones who are very successful. We think you are all competitors who will be very successful in your life. Thanks for all the great memories and good luck.

The Central Football Coaches

Yeah we won on the road!
Wow is about all I can say :).  I thought that this was one of our most dominating defensive games that we have had. Did you know we held the rocksprings tigers to under 100yds? Totally incredible performance. Lets continue to grow like this for the remainder of the year. Offensively we put a drive together that won us the game and I thought that showed a lot of character for our team. I would still be more comfortable with putting more points on the board but remember a win is a win! Great Job by all and I thought our special teams are getting real tough.
Coach C
Great Win!
Wow----I don't know what team showed up for the first three quarters of the game but let's find that team again for four quarters.
We are still hampered by our mistakes at crucial times in the game. Let's really work on this aspect of our game. We need to continue to get better and keep trusting each other.
Coach C
Ugly Game But A W!
Not a very pretty football game but the bottom line is we won. FYI: The reason we run a scout team O and scout team D is to assimilate (ie to absorb and incorporate into one's thinking), what the other team may try and do. I feel that we don't carry that over when we step on the field for Friday's games (we call this game slippage). When we do run scout team O and D we try and get as much off of film as possible (ie how they may line up, how they may block us etc) so when you watch film try and see what they will do to you on certain plays. Don't just watch the ball.
Lets really work at understanding and keep working hard.
Coach C
Tough Go Again!
Tough loss to the red devils on Friday. We had our chances but we are finding ways to not to win. We need to find ways to win. Keep working hard in practice and keep trying to learn what we want out of you.
Coach C
Be prepared this week for Laramie.
I am back and running.
Tough start to the 2011 season. We are 1 and 3 right now and are struggling to find our groove. Turnovers and lack of production right now are our nemesis. Our kids are really trying hard to find that elusive win and maybe we are trying too hard.
Football is a funny game in that all eleven guys need to be on the same page. It really does not matter what the call is but it matters how the call is executed. Our execution is getting better and I look for some positives to happen to this team soon.
Keep working hard and play for each other.
Coach C

2011 Football Answers
Pre-Summer combine
May 31st and June 1st

Summer Football Schedule

Weight Room             Monday through Thursday 7:30am until 9:00am This is not optional!
Speed Camp             June 20th sponsored by Competitive Edge Performance $50 (1 day camp)
Central Team Camp   July 18th, 19th, and 20th at Riske and McCormick fields $50 (contact camp)
                                Southeast and Torrington will be other teams

Fall Practice Starts      August 8th       GET A PHYSICAL DONE BEFORE CAMP

Throwing and receiving on Sunday's has been great

Sunday Throwing
We are throwing Sunday's and our time will be from 3pm to 4pm. Come toss it around and work on your feet, arm and routes.
Coach C
Good Year Men
It was not quite the way we would have liked it to end but sometimes it happens. Gillette seemed to be a little better on this night. I am very proud of how well we competed. We definitely missed a few key kids in Dre Davis and Casey Jackson. I think with those two they could have helped us get to the top.
To the seniors, I had a wonderful time this year. You were a joyful group and funny to be around and yes Peck I suppose I can own up to some blizzards! Thank you guys a bunch and I hope that your experiences through our program will help you be competitive in life. Best of Luck.
Coach C

Playoff Time
Rain soaked victory on the road at KW. Good win boys. Did you know KW plays way better at home and to be honest I did not think that they could score on us when they went to the power I. This is my old offense that I grew up on along with the Robust T too, baby!
We are in the playoffs and I think on a solid side of the bracket and I truly feel who wins our bracket should win the whole thing so lets go out and win our bracket.
We have to prepare and get to know gillette inside and out. We have played them before so you know who you are going against. You should know that we match up great with them so lets go and get them.


Coach C
Great Job even with 7 turnovers wow!
Seven yes seven turnovers! Way to step up defense. I really thought that our D has played great the last two weeks and this is the time of the year that we need that to happen.
Offensively we are putting up some numbers and doing a good job of driving the field. Got to eliminate those turnovers though!
Special yes special teams are getting better but we are still struggling at times. Cannot Happen!

Get better this week for KW.

Coach C

Finishing a Game
Wow was that deja vu or what?
That might have been one of the toughest losses to swallow. I am at a loss for words other than we need to learn how to finish a game.

Lets get back to the drawing board and back to basics and play out the rest of our schedule. Prepare yourselves for Sheridan and lets finish the game.

Get Better in all phases. We are sitting at 3-4 and looking in at the playoffs.

Did you know we got in the playoffs at 4-4 and won the whole thing because we believed in each other!
Did we let that one slip away?
Words are hard to describe what we did this last Friday in gillette. Leading a team 23 to 7 with time winding down and not being able to finish the game. Hey, let's don't do that again K!

You have to play this game as a team and have trust in your teammates to do their assignments. We need to start understanding what each is supposed to do and have faith that they are going to do it.

We need to play until the whistle sounds and we need to give 100%. Evaluate yourself on film and you will see that there is a whole lot of room for improvement at every position.

Big game this week versus green river.
Nice Job Boys
That is the way to deal with adversity. What a good football game. Great offensive drives, good defensive stands and all except our field goal team, our special teams played well, and when Zachariah untied the dudes shoe on a tackle that was a great highlight. This year is up for whatever team can put it all together. We have a long road but that sure was a big win on this road.
Go Central!
Blue Bird Week
Wow! What a season so far. We are sitting at 2 and 2 in conference play and have another big game this week against our cross town rivals. I feel this team is learning to play together. We are getting tougher and we are understanding what the coaches want. We are still searching for consistency and playing with confidence and mental toughness. We will get there.
Coach C
Team Results
9/27/2011 First Round of Playoffs Central lost to gillette 28-42 10/28/11 Central won vs kelly walsh 31-7 10/21/11Central won vs rocksprings 11-7 10/14/11Central won vs gillette 41-33 10/7/11Central won vs laramie 17-7 9/30/11Central lost vs evanston 26-30 9/23/11Central lost vs east 14-21 9/16/11 Central lost vs nc 13-20 9/9/11 Central won vs south 63-0 9/2/11 Central lost vs sheridan 14-31 8/26/11
11/1/2010 Quarterfinal game Central 21 gillette 38
10/22/2010 Central 17 vs kw 10
10/15/2010 Central 28 sheridan 21
10/8/2010 Central 30 green river 31
10/1/2010 Central 23 gillette 28
Football Coaches
+ Cegelski, Robert Brick
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